Grout (1 – 8 mm)


– Flexible material used for grouting tiles from ceramics, porcelain, granite, marble, stone, mosaic-glass, etc.

– For surfaces of living spaces, baths, corridors, terraces, balconies, facades, work spaces, public baths, on flooring with a heating system, etc.

– Indoor and Outdoor environments.

– For use on walls and flooring.

– Universal material, resistant against frost and abrasion, doesn’t allow the penetration of moisture and pollution.

– Recommendation that the width of the grout not exceed 8mm.

– Characterized by good application, easy washing and good penetration capabilities.

– Material should be used only after PEVALIT tile Adhesive has been dried, as to not affect the color of the grout.

– Certified in CG 2 – class, by norm EN 13888.

Technical Parameters

– Working time in container: Up to 4 hours after mixing.

– Working time: Up to 20 minutes.

– Work temperatures: +5°C – +30°C.

– Resistant to temperatures: -20°C – +80°C.

– Norm: SG2, based on EN 13888.

– Walking on tiles: After 8 hours.

– Mixing with water: approximately 4 min., with around 0.53 l / 2kg.

– Packaging: 2 and 5 kg.

– Material color: According to catalogue.

– Best before: In the original packaging 12 months, in a warehouse without moisture.