Ing – Luli was established in 1994 as a trading company working on wholesale and retail sale of locally produced and imported building materials.

From the beginning of 1998, the company started to implement the envisioned changes in its operations plan starting with the production of adhesives for construction and tile setting compounds. This idea was realized as a small production of these materials in order to meet local market needs.

The first products of the company were introduced in July 1999, when the program for manufacturing of several products reached the quantity of 10 tons per day.

The standardized production, the recipes provided by the German producers of basic additives for this industry as well as the high quality based on European norms and the excellent sales management resulted with great effect in the production process.

In the year 2000, the company Ing – Luli started with sales of products in Kosovo and also marked considerable increase of sales in the domestic market.

In 2005, a considerable part of the products fulfilled the criteria for obtaining the certificates with the latest European standards EN 12004 awarded by the Accredited Institute ZAG – Ljubljana from Slovenia. The certification of products was a continuous project for the company, therefore – to date, almost all products produced by Ing – Luli have the appropriate certificates.

The certification of products was the entry point for the European market, and within the same year the sales process begun in Germany and Switzerland.

Until 2006, the company was characterized with a stable market in Macedonia, with continuous increase of sales in Kosovo, expansion of the products line by fulfilling all construction phases, offering products that fulfill the European norms and standards, advanced and contemporary technology, highly qualified staff and management that provide efficient service for the costumers.

With this growing pace, the company identified the need for new investments, and in 2009 implemented the project for building the second factory with focused production on material for thermo – insulation facades. The modern technology, the dedicated and highly professional staff, managed to fulfill the European norms and standards by obtaining certificates of ETAG 004 system awarded by the Accredited Institute ZAG – Ljubljana from Slovenia in 2011.

Besides the certificates, the company fulfilled the criteria for monitoring and continuous checking from this institution that demonstrates that all provisions from the European Technical Approval are fulfilled.

To date, the company is well – known for continuous and increasing sales in Macedonia, Kosovo, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, etc.

Ing – Luli, leader in the industry

Ing – Luli Company possesses wide range of products meeting all building stages of a quality facility as well as standardized, modern and advanced technology, highly professional management and staff who offer ideas, tips and solutions for customers, qualified workers who are motivated to work with a wide array of clients.

In future missions, Ing – Luli Company foresees development and expansion of production capacities, human resources, continuous investment in technology being at the cutting edge, increasing the number of clients, projects and carefully selected innovations etc.