Adhesive for insulating facades


– Used in thermo insulation facade systems.

– Adhesion of insulation panels in facades.

– Leveling of insulation panels and covering those with a reinforcing mesh, thickness of 4 to 8 mm.

– Insulation panels should be of expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam), or from mineral fibers.

– Usage in layers of indoor or outdoor environments.

Technical Parameters

-Sanding: From 0-1.5 mm.

-Dry mass density: 1500-1900 kg/m³

-Norm: MKC EN 998-1/Kop: 2006.

-Pressure durability (after 28 days): CS IV.

-Water absorption: W0.

-Fire resistance: A1.

– Work temperatures: +5°C – +30°C.

– Mixing with water:approximately 4 min., with around 26-28% water/25kg.

– Working time in container: Up to 4 hours after mixing.

– Spending: for panel adhesion 4-5 kg/m²; for covering panels with reinforcing mesh 4-5 kg/m²

– Adhesion (separation) from the layers of concrete: After 28 days 0.3 N/mm²

– Adhesion (separation) from the layers of polystyrene: After 28 days 0.06 N/mm²

– Material color: Grey.

– Packaging: 25 kg.

– Best before: In the original packaging 12 months, in a warehouse without