One component polyurethane foam


– One-component polyurethane foam.

-For filling gaps between EPS thermal insulation panels.

– Installation of doors, windows, fittings, blinds, etc.

– Substrates where PEVALIT-PE-1K pistolenschaum is used
it should be hard, clean, fat-free and dry.

Technical Parameters

-Temperatures of use: from +5°C – +25°C.

-Resistant to temperatures: -40°C – +110°C.

-Drying(23°C/50%): approx. 10 min.

-Drying(23°C/50%): approx. 60 min for 3 cm thickness.

-Thermal permeability: 0.03 W/mK

-Pressure resistance (10%(DIN 53421): 3.3 N/cm2

-Purpose and Water absorption (DIN53429): 70gr/(m2h24)

-Material loss: max. 3%.

-Cleaning: with PU-Reiniger

-Packaging: in tubes 750ml; (12 tubes/packet).

-Best before: In the original packaging 12 months,
in a warehouse without moisture, jashtë ndikimit të frost.