Quick Self Leveling Compound


– Modified material for quick solidification after use, leveling an uneven layer, or leveling two uneven layers.

– As the penultimate layer before the laying of flooring for example tiles, parquet, PVC, carpet, or covering the floor with industrial colors.

– Layer thickness between 6 and 30 mm.

– Is applied over layers of concrete, dry concrete or wet, flooring with central heating, old ceramic tiles, granite, marble, porcelain, etc.

– Use in indoor and outdoor environments.

– Surfaces where NIVOMAS N XS is applied need to be solid, clean, dust-free and fat-free.

– Layers that absorb a lot of water (porous), for example concrete or dry concrete, need to be varnished with binding hydrophobic liquid.

– During usage there cannot be stoppage of work, and the material must not come into contact with the walls.

Technical Parameters

– Dry mass density: 1900 kg/1m³.

– Pressure durability (after 28 days): CS IV, ca. 8.0 N/mm².

– Water absorption: W0.

– Work temperatures: +5°C – +30°C.

– Working time in container: approximately 30 min after mixing.

– Layer thickness: Between 6 and 30 mm.

– Mixing with water: with approximately 6.3 l/25kg.

– Material color: Grey

– Packaging: 25 kg.

– Best before: In the original packaging 12 months, in a warehouse without moisture.