EPS - Panels of expanded polystyrene


-It is used for insulation of new buildings and structures
in which the renovation of the thermal insulation is carried out.

– for residential, public, industrial buildings,
etc., up to a height of h≥22 m., with mechanical fixing (typing).

– It is recommended in the thermal insulation facade system PEVALIT,
for insulation of floors, roofs, partition walls, basements, etc.

– It stands out as a light and environmentally friendly product during and after application.

Technical Parameters

-Dimension: Standard Dimension 1000 x 500 mm.

-Thickness: From 10 mm to 300 mm (Other thickness by request).

-Processing: with right angles.

-Temperature resistance: Up to 80ºC long; over 95 ºC short.

-Combustion: Self Extinguishing.

-Standardization: EN 13163-L3-W3-T2-S2-P5-CS(10)100-WL(T)3.

-Packaging: in boxes with PE foil approximately 0.25 m³.

-Storage: In a covered ambient, protected from UV rays and fire.