Aquastop AB 35/G

2C Waterproofing mass


A two-component measure of elastic waterproofing of waterproofing.

Thickness up to 3 mm.

Based on cement (comp. A) and resin (comp. B).

For concrete or porous cement mortar walls, horizontal or vertical.

In outdoor and indoor environments.

For swimming pools, underground structures, water tanks,
terraces, balconies, bathrooms, etc.

High elasticity and good adhesion even on smooth surfaces.

Surfaces must be clean, dry, hard, dust-free and grease-free.

It is applied with a brush or roller, in two or three layers.

For thicker and reinforced layers over 2 mm with glass mesh
the submitted side of the shovel, and as a final layer with

PEVALIT-Aquastop AB30 R with brush or roller.

The interval between layers is 4-6 hours.

Technical Parameters

Рок на тенџере: до 1 час по мешањето.

Работни температури: +5°C- +30°C.

Отпорен на температури: -20°C – +80°C.

Стандард: врз основа на EN 14891:2012.

Интервал помеѓу слоевите: 4-6 часа.

Изложеност на вода: По 4 дена.

Пакување: 20 + 8 кг. / 5 +2 кг.

Боја на материјалот: сива.

Рок на траење: 12 месеци во оригинално пакување, во магацин без влага.