A500 R

Decorative Plaster


-White mineral decorative plaster.

-As a final layer for decorating surfaces in
indoor and outdoor environments.

-Sprayed by hand or by machine.

-Produced in several sizes of stone grains and structures.

-According to the work method, we can achieve the
needed structures (circular, with lines, full, etc.).

-Before use of the decorative plaster,
reinforcing liquid should be used on the surface.

Technical Parameters

-Dry mass density: 1400-1700 kg/m³

-Steam permeability coefficient: ca.23

-Norm: MKC EN 998-1/Kop: 2006.

-Pressure durability (after 28 days): CS II, ca. 1.4 N/mm².

-Water absorption: W0.

-Temperature conductivity: ≤0,50 W/mK

-Reaction to fire: A1.

-Work temperatures: +5°C – +30°C.

-Mixing with water: with approximately 8 l/25kg.

-Material color: White.

-Packaging: 25 kg.

-Best before: In the original packaging 12 months,
in a warehouse without moisture.