Facade paint based on Siloxan-Acrylat-Copolymer


-Ecological facade paint based on Siloxan-Acryl-Copolymer dispersion.
-Used over layers of mineral and acrylic decorative plaster.
-Resistant to atmospheric conditions, rain, sun, frost, friction, UV rays, etc.
-Surfaces where PEVALIT-EGALISATIONSFARBE needs to be used,
must be hard, fat-free and dry.
-Is applied with roller or brush.

Technical Parameters

-Material density: approx. 1.6 g/cm³.
-Steam permeability coefficient: Class V1 (high), sd-value: ↓ 0,14 m.
-Purpose and Water absorption: Class W3 (low), w-value ↓ 0,1 kg/(m²h0,5)
-Work temperatures: +5°C – +30°C.
-Spending: approx. 150-200 ml/m². / 200-250 ml/m².
-Drying: 12-15 hours based on temp. approx. 20°C. and 65% air humidity.
-Mixing with water: 5-10%.
-Cleaning of tools: After finishing work with water.
-Material color: White.
-Packaging: 5 l, 15 l.
-Best before: In the original packaging 12 months,
in a warehouse without moisture.